A Celebration of 100 Years of Musical Theatre

On April 29, 2022 Camden Catholic celebrated 100 Years of Musical Theatre with an amazing Showcase and Gala. The event brought together alumni performers and current CCHS students alike. The evening was a great event and the Showcase was top notch entertainment; walking you through 100 Years of Musical Theatre at CCHS and how the show has always gone on even through wars, fires and global pandemics. The reviews have been amazing - help support the Arts at CCHS and view this special performance and receive the video and the 100 Year Commemorative Book!

  • 100 Years of CCHS Musical Theatre Showcase

    1h 37m

    Through wars a devastating fire and a global pandemic CCHS had a musical each year for 100 years. The great tradition of musical theatre is the longest continuously running musical theatre program of any High School in New Jersey and possible in the country!

    If you were not able to join us in pe...